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MODERN BIO TUTORIAL is the key to success, as “specialized for Biology”. It is established and running by Dr. Kamlesh Kumar with a wide experience of teaching
Since 1991.

Regular Classes

Regular classes cover all topics in-depth. Starting from chemistry to life to cell division to respiration to ecology, it has everything you need to succeed in any exam.

Target Classes

Basically it is a fast track course, with duration of 10 months. 12th passed and appeared both students are eligible for this course and can consult any time they want.

Awesome Teachings

The prime thing is your determination and honest effort without which no teacher can succeed in guiding you. Well planned and conceptual study can help to achieve goals.

Director Quest


In present scenario traditional eductional setup has completely failed to fulfil the need of the student. At this gesture honest & devoted personalities of different disciplines have made the way easier in achieving one's goal. Thw aim of a medical carrier is no doubt a dignified & socially apprised carrier. But to achieve this goal one has to go through difficult screening test, for this I have tried my best to remove the obstacles coming in the way of the Students.

I am sure that the tutorial guidance will be definitely helpful in achieving the goal.

My Ideal


DR. ASHOK KUMAR SINGH university head deptt. of Zoolagy J.P. university. he is one of the most distinguished and brilliant personality of zoology, He was awarded with Gold Medal for standing first-in-first class. In 1982 he was selected for M.Phil/Ph.D Programme through an all India test ct Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. He obtained his Ph.D degree in 1988 from J.N.U. During his stay at J.N.U. he visitied several foreign countries like Austria Germanys Switzerland for attending workshops, seminars # symposia. He received predoctoral training ct University Ulm., Germany for advanced biophysical techniques in muscle physiology. fix has published many research lagers inJournals ofinternational repute.

He is the person who has guided me properly in Biological as well as general field of life l have great respect for him

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